First Baptist Church History

The Methodist built a church building in 1908 and the Baptist held services in it using alternate preaching dates until 1910 when the Baptist met in a vacant store building and organized the Highfill Baptist Church. Bro. John Scoggins was the first pastor and they built their own church building in back of present building facing east. At that time records were not kept very well. Other pastors who served were: Bro. Luther Smith (pastor at different times) before 1924 & 1929, again in 1931 through 1933; Bro. Rice was pastor in 1924 & 1925; Bro. Clarence Coffelt was pastor in 1927 and again in 1933 until his death in 1935. Different preachers preached until November 1936 when Bro. Harry P. Wilsford was called. He served two years. Bro. Elisha Holland served from August 1938 to May 1946. Bro. R.G. New was called in May 1946 & served until 1948. It was under Bro. New’s leadership that discussion began on building a new building instead of repairing the old one. Some thought it was a “far fetched idea” but the money began to come into the building fund. In February 1949 Bro. L.A. Thomas was called as pastor and work began in the spring of 49 on present auditorium and the rooms back of auditorium. The building was dedicated on November 20, 1949, Debt Free. On the day of dedication Bro. John Scoggins put his hand on Bro. Thomas’ shoulder and said “you tore my church house down.” He was told that all usable lumber from old building went into the new building. Later as finances were available a well was drilled, bathrooms were installed along with kitchen equipment. In 1952 a parsonage was built on a piece of land across the street from the church, the land was given by Bill & Jessie Bolton. In 1956 additional educational rooms were built which now host our fellowship hall and kitchen. The baptistry was installed in 1965 and Bobby Bennet painted the scenery. While Bro. Bill Wall was pastor the church added four more class rooms and restrooms. In 1984 the church again voted to build a 32 x 108 feet educational building across the back of the present building. Bro. Jack Barnes was pastor at that time. When finished the building was debt free. The church was incorporated June 24, 1957 and the name was changed to “First Baptist Church Highfill”. Highfill Baptist Church was a landmark Baptist Church when it was organized and remained so until Bro. Elisha Holland during his pastorate got the church to vote to go Southern Baptist. The church today is a fully organized Southern Baptist Church, dedicated to the mission fileds at home and around the world.

Pastors who have served this church:

John Scoggins 1910-

Luther Smith

Bro. Rice

Clarence Coffelt

Harry P. Wilsford

Elisha Holland

E.G. New

L.A. Thomas 1949-1952

Loyd Jeffus 1952-1955

S.C Simpson 1955-1957

Kenneth Kern 1958-1959

Dalton Britton 1960-1963

Houston Seaton 1963-1964

Jack Lawson 1964-1972

Rick Mason 1973

Kenneth Morgan 1974-1975

Bill Wall 1976-1981

Ron Haynes 1981-1983

Jack H. Barnes 1983-1988

Bruce I. Holland 1988-1997

Roger Robins 1997-Present